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100 watt SEELITE HPS

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Hello Everyone,

i have been running led light bars on my 2072 seaark for the last 3 years. The lights work great on clear water nights but dont penetrate murky water very well. I am aware the the HPS work better for dirty water and that iswhat i am leaning towards. What I would like to know is the following.

* If you have or used the 100 watt seelite

* the amount of light it throws from the boat

* HPS LED vs HPS bulb lights
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Here is the solution you seem to be looking for. Goto ebay and type in "Carplite" in the main search box. They sell HPS or Green colored filter covers for 50W LED lights or also have Custom sizes if needed. I used them and made a world of difference. I bought one at first just to try out and bought ten after that. Got the best worlds of using LEDs with the color of HPS to better penetrate the water and reduce glare. They are made from transparent plexiglass so much much more durable than tint/film. And you can easily remove these in seconds if you want the bright light back for clear water. Hope this helps, just wanted to share what I have found to everyone who had the same issues I had with Leds and glare.
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