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14 foot Starcraft ...worth Turning into a bow fishing rig or not? Thoughts ideas input? Thanks!

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Hi guys new to the forum and was looking for some input. I have a Starcraft 14 ft aluminum boat it is approximately 5 ft in width. Was wondering if 14 ft is to small? It would be used on small lakes or river. I have a trailer 120lb 36 volt trolling motor 6hp tiller and have 10 4500 lumen floodlights I could use. Could I build a raised platform for the front or would it be to much? If anyone has a boat Similar that's setup could you post some pics. I will attach some pics . I would leave the rear seat and pull the other two. Obviously needs a good cleaning and such and probably paint the outside . Thanks guys appreciate any input.


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It'd work. Obviously you'd wanna have atleast a 16' but I've seen multiple boats that are 14'. It doesn't look like its very deep, so I'd just put a sheet of plywood across the front to level it out and maybe a railing of some sort to mount the lights to and some safety. My last boat worked just fine with the platform not being raised at all
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