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36 Volt & 24Volt Diagram

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I am planning on running a MinnKota 36 volt trolling motor and 2 banks of 4 50 watt LED lights. I am going to be using 3 Duracell group 31 AGM batteries. I do have a electrician friend that will help me with this and I believe that I have describe this accurately to him and he seem to have no concern with my plans. I do wonder if the middle battery will have to much of a load on it. Any concerns of constructive criticism would be appreciated just in case its a "hay you will surley catch on fire if you do that" type of criticism pleas let me know. Thank you


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Might I be better of with 3 12 volt banks? {3 LED, 3 LED, 2 LED} and the 36 volt?
It looks like it would work in theory. Only way to know for sure would be to hook it up the check the voltage on the leads. All nighters might be a problem too unless you have an inverter genny to charge em when they get low.
Just make sure the battery/ies that have the biggest loads do not get too low, that could cause a reverse polarity, slight chances while charging, but you dont mention how you will charge. 36 v trollers make things messy. Both for loads and charging, but a 101s power would be nice.
I purchased a MinnKota 3 bank charger that monitors each battery when charging. Its a bit expensive but totally cool{hopefully}
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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