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36 Volt & 24Volt Diagram

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I am planning on running a MinnKota 36 volt trolling motor and 2 banks of 4 50 watt LED lights. I am going to be using 3 Duracell group 31 AGM batteries. I do have a electrician friend that will help me with this and I believe that I have describe this accurately to him and he seem to have no concern with my plans. I do wonder if the middle battery will have to much of a load on it. Any concerns of constructive criticism would be appreciated just in case its a "hay you will surley catch on fire if you do that" type of criticism pleas let me know. Thank you


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Just make sure the battery/ies that have the biggest loads do not get too low, that could cause a reverse polarity, slight chances while charging, but you dont mention how you will charge. 36 v trollers make things messy. Both for loads and charging, but a 101s power would be nice.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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