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Ams bottle reel or push button reel. why?

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Just wondering what preferences yall had on the ams bottled bowfishing reel or just a cheapie zebco push button reel??

i use the ams bottled reel i just dont know how long its gonna last its all plastic.. $ 90.00 a piece too
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Bottle all the way. No buttons to push, no drag, and simple.
I can wind in my bottle just as fast as I can with a spinning reel. Just have to adjust it so you get good grip and don't waste turns with slip.
I took my stepdad out for his bday. He had never been before. I let him ise my loaner bow which has a ams retriever pro on it. I could shoot reel in, get a fish off, shoot again before he was able to get his line back in and renocked.
A retriever takes a little practice to get used to. There is a fine line of too much pressure and not enough. The reason it took your dad so long is because he hadn't got the feel for it. I agree that the bottles aren't for everyone, but neither are spinners. I've had spinner reels hang up screw up a shot and They are more apt to tangling.
I don't ever see myself switching from a bottle.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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