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Ams bottle reel or push button reel. why?

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Just wondering what preferences yall had on the ams bottled bowfishing reel or just a cheapie zebco push button reel??

i use the ams bottled reel i just dont know how long its gonna last its all plastic.. $ 90.00 a piece too
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Spinners are for winners.

Its up to whatever you like but i prefer spinners. Quick and whens the last time you seen a numbers world won with a retriever
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Get a muzzy spinner though it you buy. Arrows not gonna break off it you tie to the back. If you shoot slides just make sure you got a rod and it will put the arrow off.
Safer? Tie to the back with fast flight and cant guarantee it will break off. Get caught up with a retriever somebody is getting hit with an arrow
tie to the back...ive never lost an arrow for forgetting to push the button
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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