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Ams bottle reel or push button reel. why?

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Just wondering what preferences yall had on the ams bottled bowfishing reel or just a cheapie zebco push button reel??

i use the ams bottled reel i just dont know how long its gonna last its all plastic.. $ 90.00 a piece too
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The first reel I got was a spinner and I hated it. If you forget to press the button one time you can kiss your arrow goodbye. I have 3 AMS Retrievers and none of them have given me problems, they are much more safer than the spinners. I will admit that you have to get a feel for them at first cause if you dont know what your going it will take you forever to get your line back in while fish are swimming around you. Like they always say you get what you pay for.
tieing a line to a arrow is how someone gets hit with a snap back.I have never seen or heard of anyone getting hurt with a AMS Retreiever with saftey slide.

Safer? Tie to the back with fast flight and cant guarantee it will break off. Get caught up with a retriever somebody is getting hit with an arrow
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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