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2012 Diamond Fugitive - Easton Full Metal Jacket - G5 100 Grain fixed broadheads - Vipor sight - Bone collector stabalizer - Octane Trip Wire rest - Stock Diamond quiver (for now) until I get some money for a Octane ghost quiver. I hunt with a Field and Stream Climber, couple hundred acres of private land. I use 2 Primos - Truth Cam 35's and a Wildgame Innovations little camo cam for scouting. Record all my hunts with a Sony Handycam HD. Missed a 6 point the first day here in PA on public land. My buddy was about 5 feet above me being "camera man" that day and stop him a little too quick and I wasnt on target and shot through a spruce tree and some how the arrow went 2 inches over top of the deer after going 100 different ways. Also during the off season I bait with a homemade (500 lb. capacity) corn feeder. Living the life in the backwoods of Central PA.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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