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Any Okies on here? Where's everyone from

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Im on other forums (hog doggin) an weve done this alot ive met an got to go hunt all over ok an tx cause of simply askin this question Where's everyone from? Like what state ? Mayb some of us will find a new fishin buddy or make new friends so post away !!!
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I'm from Michigan, yeah the state that looks like a mitten. Lol if you ever want to come and shoot here I would be more than willing to show you around, I woul personally think your crazy to travel to Michigan to bowfish
I think it would be cool to see what everyone does for work too. It's crazy to hear about when professionals bowfish. Right now I patient transport at a hospital and am waiting for my program in radiology tech to open up
haha i guess thats true. we are a pretty good common place. but if we had gator gars stingrays bigmouths paddlefish etc I would never want to shoot a common again
But them gator gar sure do
Deff bester side of Michigan. Lol sorry nuff
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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