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Anyone Muskie fish?

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Looking into muskie fishing this year. The season opens in 2 days for me here in michigan and wanna land my first muskie on rod and reel. I got the rod and the reel all picked out and a handful of muskie baits, Im just looking about depths and colors for spring time muskie. I got the body of water picked out already and think i know what I am doing, but any advice would be great
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I Muskie fish a little but don't have a clue what I'm doing. I've caught 1 3footer in my life. There are several guys that fish them on the lake at my cabin. They mostly use big white spinners from what I've seen. They seem to follow the 10-15 foot range which is where the weed like is up there. But they do a lot of zig zagging when they troll. The put their lines out between 10-50 foot behind the boat when trolling. This is all just observation and I've never had it work for me or seen it work for anyone else, but they keep coming back so they must catch some.
Good work. Those things got fight like no other fish I've caught. We have a couple huge ones in our lake but haven't been able to hook into one yet. Watched one eat a nearly full sized mallard hen, and another one eat a 20" pike off my line 6 foot from the boat. Both looked to be well over 50 inches.
dang man! you gotta get out there and catch those beast! alot of fun. I thought I hooked a log when it hit. Cant wait to try to catch a bigger one
I've been trying. Did you troll or cast for em?
Gotta start somewhere. And you have a lot better start than I do. :lol: I'm gonna give it a real go this summer. I want to hook into one of those giants.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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