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Anyone Muskie fish?

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Looking into muskie fishing this year. The season opens in 2 days for me here in michigan and wanna land my first muskie on rod and reel. I got the rod and the reel all picked out and a handful of muskie baits, Im just looking about depths and colors for spring time muskie. I got the body of water picked out already and think i know what I am doing, but any advice would be great
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Hey thanks, went out and caught a 33 incher today. Picts comming soon. I had no idea what i was doing and followed some other boats to a spot. after about 30min with nothing,I said I wanted to catch one by the launch. haha who knew there would be one there? we also saw one about the same size in about 4 foot of water right off a dock. so pumped everything went right, now all I wanna do is catch a bigger one.
dang man! you gotta get out there and catch those beast! alot of fun. I thought I hooked a log when it hit. Cant wait to try to catch a bigger one
to be honest we got lucky. I were casting a 10 to 15 foot deep pocket with big buck tails, with no luck, so I changed to a chartreuse and yellow rattle trap. It was a big rattle trap and first cast he hit. Like I said I have no idea what I was doing, just got lucky
haha thank. from all my internet research I think now or fall is the best time, the colder the water the better. keep me posted
not sure how to put pict on
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