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Aussie Carp pics

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Thought I would share some pics taken earlier in the year with my son and I having some fun. Hope you like them. Also working on putting a short video together which I will post shortly.


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nice! I would highly recommend getting yourself a reel of somesort other than the drum. I love my AMS even though they arent for everyone. makes shooting eaiser and faster. but it looks like you do just find with the drum.
I have tried other reels like the AMS and one that you shoot through but still prefer the drum type. I don't actually use it as a reel, I have it tight up on my bow so it does not turn but spools the line out. Then I grab the line and pull the fish in and quickly rewind the line on the drum. Just what I'm used to !!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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