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What shafts do you guys shoot.. do you do any mods to them? Right now im launching muzzy green shafts and muzzy heads. Ive tapered the rubber buffer ring, so it slides threw my rest with kess resistance. I cut my "emergency" knock in the rear of the shaft.. that way if i break off my actual knock.. i still have that notch so i can still knock and shoot it.. i also bend my barbs in close to the shaft.. and flair the ends out" ive knoticed much better holding power with that.. it seems if i shoot em with unbent barbs.. its like i shoot em with a rage broadhead. I loose a lot of fish.. but with the bent barbs i get a smaller penitration hole.. and as long as i pass threw the fish.. it allways pivots and holds. Allways looking for new ideas that work"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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