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batteries for the lights

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I just built a new boat out of a 15 foot v bottom and works great but I have four lights on front and two on each side I am going to go buy batteries Friday and don't know how many deep cycle marine batteries I will need for and all night shoot if I wire them in series I was wondering about two any ideas
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What kind of lights?
they are the square Baja series lights
12v I'm guessing then? Look on the housing and see how many watts they are. That's the only way to determine battery life. Should be like 70 or 100 or 150.
They will be fine if the water isn't too deep or muddy...If that is the case, you may want to consider a small generator and some 300watt halogen work lights. As far as battery life, you have 8 70 watt lights which is 560 total watts.
Use ohms law to figure out your amp draw.
Batteries are measured in amp hours and different batteries have different "life". A standard group 24 deep cycle is about 79AH. This means that at ideal conditions over a specific period of time that battery will supply 79amps before it is dead. Don't expect a full discharge so we will use 70. Divide the battery capacity by the amp draw from the lights to determine how long the battery will last. 70AH/47A=1.5H.
So with 2 batteries you will be able to run for 3 hours. A typical all-nighter for me is about 6 hours so you will need at least 4 batteries to make it.

Hope this all makes sense and I hope I didn't mess up on something.
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You can also look into getting larger batteries like group 31 batteries. They have about a 105AH rating. 100AH/47A=2H
You should be able to get by with 3 of these.
thanks a lot you hit it on the head man just what I wanted to know
No problem. The math doesn't always work out perfect so the only way to know for sure would be to hook them up and try. But that should be a good starting point for ya.
have to agree with NuffDaddys post.
Of course you do...I'm always right.

:) :) :) :) :) :)
I'm not sure how that would work. I know people will use a power inverter to keep their batteries charged off a generator. I believe they are like $100 but not sure. I don't really know much about inverters.

How did those lights work for you? Bright enough?
awesome thanks alot DonArkie

NUFFDADDY the lights worked they sure werent as bright as the good ol work lights i couldnt get to deep with them but i usaly only in four-five feet of water any ways
If you can see that deep then your doing good.
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