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batteries for the lights

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I just built a new boat out of a 15 foot v bottom and works great but I have four lights on front and two on each side I am going to go buy batteries Friday and don't know how many deep cycle marine batteries I will need for and all night shoot if I wire them in series I was wondering about two any ideas
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I agree with NuffDaddy, what are your lights?
I run 2 Powermax Converters, both 55amp. My lights are (2) 40W LED's 12V's & (6) 27W LED's 12V's, (1) 55 amp Converter is for the lights the other for the the 54lb troller. I use 2500W Inverter Genny. The converters are great for charging your batteries while on the water & in use. I run silent for 3 hours with (1) 31 series deep cell when the lights dim , I start up my genny , it powers threw the to the converter where it runn ing D/C power to charge the battery while still running the lights.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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