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batteries for the lights

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I just built a new boat out of a 15 foot v bottom and works great but I have four lights on front and two on each side I am going to go buy batteries Friday and don't know how many deep cycle marine batteries I will need for and all night shoot if I wire them in series I was wondering about two any ideas
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they are the square Baja series lights
yes the lights are 70 watts I don't even know if they are going to be bright enough or will they ?
thanks a lot you hit it on the head man just what I wanted to know
well I will say you were rite I went out tonite and got 3hours and 15 mins on two batteries they started dyeing on my way back to the launch but had just enough to put here back on the trailer I put them on my charger so they should be good to go for tomorrow

can I put my Honda gen in the boat and hook up my charger to the bats and go all nite or is that a bad idea?
awesome thanks alot DonArkie

NUFFDADDY the lights worked they sure werent as bright as the good ol work lights i couldnt get to deep with them but i usaly only in four-five feet of water any ways
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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