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Bow for Bowfishing

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If you were to identify the qualities of the best bow for bowfishing, what would it be? Quick letoff? Size? What else?
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Hey what do u guys think of a oneida bow and what model if that matters for shooting carp. Also i'm having issues wondering which is best the ams retriever or a muzzy reel?
As far as the bow I don't really know. I just use a garage sale special. I love my AMS because of the simplicity, but a lot of guys use the reels. I've heard they are easier to fight fish on but don't forget to push the button.
I was thinking about rigging a homemade cheaper laser sight up to put on my loaner bow. I think it would be good to help out people that haven't shot in water before. I'm pretty confident in my shooting and don't think a laser would help much. But I think they would be awesome for a new shooter to see how the light bends when it hits the water.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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