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If you were to identify the qualities of the best bow for bowfishing, what would it be? Quick letoff? Size? What else?
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I use a AMS Fire Eagle with the AMS Pro reel,OMP arrow slide and the OMP light Stryke laser sight, seems to work well.
I am going to buy the AMS Fish Hawk for my wife when I get done with the deck.
I got her Fish Hawk today, very impressed with it, very smooth, put 50 shots into the milk jug off the back deck, shot and felt great. I put the Muzzy Reel on this one and the fin finder rest, just hope she remembers to push the button..
My wife could not pull the Fish Hawk set at 30 lbs, so she bought a Diamond Infinete Edge, it is a awesome bow, Bass pro set the draw to fit her, set the weight at 30 lbs and she can easily pull it and hold it all day, it has a 75 percent let off and you can set the poundage from 5 to 70 lbs.

I am proud to say she out shot me today....the Diamond kicked the Fire Eagles butt.
How does that Light Stryke laser work for you? I thought about getting one for shooting tournaments but am to cheap to put the money in if they dont work
The light stryke worked great but I have had some issues, first was the trigger cord, the wires broke at the battery cap, I sent a email to October Mountain and within hours they contacted me wanting my address so they could send a replacement cord, now it seems that the wire inside of the laser is not making good contact with the battery and only works about every other shot, I am going to keep their mount and put another brand laser on the mount.

As far as it working, sight it in then point and release... dead on everytime.

The best price I have found them is at dirt cheap but I have yet to find anyone with a replacement trigger cord.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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