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If you were to identify the qualities of the best bow for bowfishing, what would it be? Quick letoff? Size? What else?
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I use a AMS Fire Eagle with the AMS Pro reel,OMP arrow slide and the OMP light Stryke laser sight, seems to work well.
I am going to buy the AMS Fish Hawk for my wife when I get done with the deck.
How does that Light Stryke laser work for you? I thought about getting one for shooting tournaments but am to cheap to put the money in if they dont work
oh ok, yeah i was wondering on the duriablity of the laser sights. Never seen one in person so hard to tell from pictures. I have enough trouble steering the boat and shootin, so maybe a laser sight is not for me.
It would be alot easier to give them a laser than try to explain refraction. For some reason I can shoot a 2 inch shad blasting down the river but when I need to shoot the hog in front of me I have a hard time. maybe its because the big one that got away haunts me more than if i shoot 200 times at a little shad and finally stick one.
digging the oneidas!! hey Casey did you drill it yourself and how much weight do you think it saves you? Also likeing the paint job. Looking to do my bow up real nice like yours
hmmm I wonder how much you can take out with out hurting the integrity of the bow. I would deff. like to lighten up my screaming eagle. The things a beast next to my Bear take down
1 - 5 of 32 Posts
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