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If you were to identify the qualities of the best bow for bowfishing, what would it be? Quick letoff? Size? What else?
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oh ok, yeah i was wondering on the duriablity of the laser sights. Never seen one in person so hard to tell from pictures. I have enough trouble steering the boat and shootin, so maybe a laser sight is not for me.
I was thinking about rigging a homemade cheaper laser sight up to put on my loaner bow. I think it would be good to help out people that haven't shot in water before. I'm pretty confident in my shooting and don't think a laser would help much. But I think they would be awesome for a new shooter to see how the light bends when it hits the water.
It would be alot easier to give them a laser than try to explain refraction. For some reason I can shoot a 2 inch shad blasting down the river but when I need to shoot the hog in front of me I have a hard time. maybe its because the big one that got away haunts me more than if i shoot 200 times at a little shad and finally stick one.
Weight!! Hands down, because I don't use a boat all my fishing is done off the bank so I do a lot of walking which will get that burning sensation running down your arm ( you all know what I'm talking about) until a week ago I used a PSE stinger 3G, now on a Mathews Heli-M I did a bit of weight testing, with all the bits & pieces fitted to the Heli-M it still weighs less than the stinger bare
digging the oneidas!! hey Casey did you drill it yourself and how much weight do you think it saves you? Also likeing the paint job. Looking to do my bow up real nice like yours
No I didn't drill it it shave it out another guy did back when he was big into bowfishin I'm not sur how much it changed the weight
hmmm I wonder how much you can take out with out hurting the integrity of the bow. I would deff. like to lighten up my screaming eagle. The things a beast next to my Bear take down
I know I prefer something different than most but this works well for me:

Monster Phoenix Bow = @ 40lbs w/ 95% let off - so I can hold it at full draw for as long as I want without getting fatigue. It gives me a similar "cocked & ready" action like using a crossbow. I know most dont like bows with too much let off, but I feel different about this. The bow I use is very efficient and I have yet to penetrate an animal or fish with it. I mostly shoot Gar. So if its not broke, dont fix it I say.

Whisker Biscuit (bowfishing model) rest full containment = no worries plus I need not worry about bumping the arrow slide bumper on the rest to impact arrow flight. One less thing to worry about.

AMS Big Game Reel kit w 400lb line - I fish in rivers with fallen trees and need the line strength to pull fish back around stumps and logs. I was using an all steel Muzzy (Zebco style) reel but the 200lb line broke recently on a huge gar in the river and I had to watch it swim away with my arrow still stuck in it. Hence, I am sticking with the AMS 400lb line for now.

I use a "Marauder" LED designed for night hunting with attachable White, Green and Red lenses, mounted light w pressure switch on my bows stabilizer to make sure i can follow a fish with light outside my lit area or perimeter.

Using a TruGlo 3 pin (I only use the top pin) with a blue LED light to keep the pins lit up all night for quicker target acquisition.

And lastly, I use Copenhagen and Bud Light (24pk) for mosquito repellent - haha
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Here is an old pic of my Monster Phoenix. Its down for repair right now though. So I am having to use my Bowtech Allegiance cranked way down to 42lbs till I get my Phoenix repaired.

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