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Bowfishing Down Under in Australia

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G'day, My wife is a diver & i borrowed her GoPro camera & took advantage of a short break in the weather. I got this footage but 10 minutes later the wind picked up to the point where I couldn't see into the water. I normally fish during the night so this was my 1st day time in fish in over 13 years. The spawning is on so I've been getting females that are full of eggs. As of today heavy rain is coming down which will see the creek flood so no fishing for 2-3 weeks. Enjoy the footage

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did get to watch the vid yet cuz im at but im glad to hear the shooting is picking up there. its slowing down in the mitten state. But I should be out there till my line freezes. keep posting so i can make it through this michigan
at least your still out there giving it to em! looks fun, i got spring fever already. At least I got pike spearing to keep me going, now if the pike would show up that would be great!
thats awesome. I know there tuff but dang. They flop around when we dump our barrel 6 hours after we shoot em! they are crazy hardy fish
I hate shooting em in the head. Takes me forever to get the arrow out. Then all the big ones swim by and I'm still trying to get my arrow out. Lol
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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