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Bowfishing Down Under in Australia

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G'day, My wife is a diver & i borrowed her GoPro camera & took advantage of a short break in the weather. I got this footage but 10 minutes later the wind picked up to the point where I couldn't see into the water. I normally fish during the night so this was my 1st day time in fish in over 13 years. The spawning is on so I've been getting females that are full of eggs. As of today heavy rain is coming down which will see the creek flood so no fishing for 2-3 weeks. Enjoy the footage

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Sorry about posting this a few to many times, had a glitch
G'day, just posted a few pics from the last few weeks. Fishing has been challenging lately. Plenty of decent fish about however the snakes are out in force so I find myself watching the water half the time & watching my step the other half. Service tracks haven't been maintained this summer so I'm pretty much waist deep in times, hope everyone had a good Christmas & New Years..,.cheers


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G'day everyone, no photos today but thought I'd share something with you all. It's common knowledge that carp are a tough species but what happened the other day impressed me as to just how tough. We have experienced a bad heat wave which has resulted in the creek water levels dropping down to the point where the carp struggle to move around freely. I went for a late afternoon walk & had failed to see any fish. After walking 2kms I decided I'd had enough so I headed back to the car. Along the way I came across a section of reed beds where a month ago I had shot a close to 3ft carp but lost it at the waters edge. As it got off & swam away it was bleeding heavily & parts of its internals were hanging out & figured it would simply die from its wounds. I saw a big rig that was working the bottom stirring up the mud in that same spot. As I waited for it to surface from a hole of murky deep water I noticed it had a large black/navy blue patch on it & what appeared to be a white lump sticking out of this dark patch. Waiting waiting bang! Right behind the gills & was dead by the time I had it on the bank. As I pulled the arrow out of it I was inspecting it as it was a big healthy fish then worked my way down to the odd looking dark patch on its body then it occurred to me that it was the fish I'd shot & lost a month ago. The dark patch was scare tissue from the exit wound & much to my surprise the white lump was actually one of its internals that hadn't got back into the body cavity but the fish amazingly had recovered & survived. It's no wonder carp are the number 1 fish vermin species in the planet
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