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bowfishing michigan.... jim the addict...

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Heya all! Jim here! Been bowfishing Mi for 27 years...Am currently retired and bowfish every sunnyday.

I have a few styles and techniques that havent probably been seen =)

I bowfish off a sup jackson fishall.. gives u silent approach.. and once u anchor 0 boat noise<

I mostly hunt the huron river.. always solo< On nice days i wade and shoot..

I have some amazing spots<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< avg day = 20-30 carp. all over 15 pnds they go up to 40lbs...half a dozen bowfin avg 5 to 15 lbs...and as many catfish as u can eat. More suckers than you can count.

But bowfishing alone... when u go 4- 5 times a week gets old.

Also have 2 sups.. and a flatbottom boat for cold weather.

Crystal clear water... avg depth of 2 to 4 ft.. and 100000s of carp.I have shot over 100 carp a week at this same area for 20 years...and you cant tell 1 bit!! Alot of record size carp and bowfin avail for trophy hunters too.. alot of 5gal bucket size carp that are 4ft long need a second arrow they tear off all the time 40 to 50 lbs. can put both your fists in there mouths And these are river carp that swim in current alot.. they fight and jump like salmon when shot!!.

Anyone who wants a guaranteed day of shooting till your fingers and arm cant take anymore hit me up.. never an off day... always tons of fish.. i know the river like the back of my hand..

None of my friends can even shoot a bow.. I live in wayne county mi..734-444-4222
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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