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Carpet Help on Pontoon PLEASE.

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I am looking at replacing the carped on my Pontoon. The deck is 8' x 19' Lots of room and I want to get the right stuff the first time. It will be parked outside and in the sun. I will probably only cover it in the winter. Home depot has some marine carpet. ANY suggestions and or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tim D
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Is this a Bowfishing boat of pleasure boat?
Hydro turf is supposed to be the best you can buy but it's expensive. I've always put the cheapest outdoor carpet I could find on my pontoon.
I think it's just an online product. It more of a mat type coating that carpet. I've never personally used it but I know that a lot of guys use it on their bowfishing decks and in the bottom of duck boats. Supposed to be very durable and easy to clean up. But when I say expensive I mean expensive, like $3-$5 per square foot. That's why I don't have it. You can get it at if that's the way you want to go.
That's the stuff.
Stay away from anything dark. You could cook a hot dog on the bench seat of my dads OD green boat.
I haven't heard that but I've never had it on anything I owned so I can't say no. Id just try and find some reviews online somewhere. I'm sure you will find out if it's a problem or not.
The only negative I've really heard about was the pealing. There is a different adhesive that people use that is supposed to work better than the stuff hydro turf sells. Don't know what it is though. Sounds like there are a lot of other downsides to it too though.
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