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Carpet Help on Pontoon PLEASE.

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I am looking at replacing the carped on my Pontoon. The deck is 8' x 19' Lots of room and I want to get the right stuff the first time. It will be parked outside and in the sun. I will probably only cover it in the winter. Home depot has some marine carpet. ANY suggestions and or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Tim D
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Mostly a bowfishing boat. Where would one buy Hydro Carpet around here?
Have you been on a boat with this stuff during the summer? Hot is what I am concerned about.

check on the bed liner people in your area and let them spray it. once you buy carpet and glue and cuss a whole lot trying to get everything just right the spray liner might be cheaper and easier to wash guts off. just my opinion
Thats what I am concerned about if frying my butt during the day.
It has been said that Hydro turf will only last a couple of years in the sun. How truth is in that statement.
I does seem to have a spotty record . Pealing , fading {no big deal to me}, oxidizing / dust film and cracking. Some times customers get replacement some times not.
There looks to be a wood deck sealer / repair coating that might be just the ticket. I am also considering the track bead liner option.
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