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Carry weapons

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Post Em up! Holsters too. Let us know how/where you carry
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Glock 23 Parker IWB carried at 330


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Hammerless airweight? I want I smith 38 for my wife
Is your shoulder rig canted down or does it muzzle everyone behind you?
I cant carry anything in a fobus without an over garment. Even a single stack 9. They just print like you read about.
Either my Taurus Judge (Public Defender lw plastic series) or Springfield XDS 45 in a "belly band" (elastic waist band) I picked up at a gun show. . Most people think it's a back brace. I wear it pretty low so it's mostly below my belt line. I have a few other holsters but none are as comfy & flexible on gun type. Has an extra pocket for an extra clip too.
I want to shoot the xds. How does it shoot?
Are you on a le specialized unit?
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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