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Couple of questions on arrows & nocks (illuminated)

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I use a bowfishing model Whisker Biscuit (300% stronger bristles) and think the adapter would work, but before I spend anymore money on anything I thought I would look into just getting a couple of new arrows that accept them natively. Does anyone make a bowfishing arrow ready for standard illuminated nocks?

Also, has anyone every just made a fishing arrow out of a carbon safari grade carbon 600gr arrow? Like from Easton (FMJ or Infuse)?
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They do make them. I have made my own using some old 2213 Easton Alum arrows you can cut them down to the right length. I have a picture I'll post on here later this evening.

I have a carbon fiber arrow that has a end on t for a slip in knock. It was an expensive arrow and I usually only use it for deep water so I can get a little more speed out of it. I believe it is a muzzy arrow, but not 100% sure.
Here is the arrow I did. Like I said I made it out of a old 2213 Easton Alum Arrow.



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