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dan in ohio

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Hey, my names dan. I live in 28 years old. Served 6 years in the army as an m1a2 abrams crewman. Im an out of work commercial electritian. Im pretty new to bowfishing,but i have arrowed close to 70 carp, suckers ajd sheephead in the last 3 days, and grabbed ahold of 2 35 lb flatheads in the last 2 nights. I couldent resist. Ive had an interrest in it seince i was about 12 when i drilled a hole in a golden eagle limb and bolted a fly reel to it... diddint go so well.. anyways i borrowed my girlfriends parker buckshot, mounted a reel and made an arrow.. suoer glued the wiskerbiscut". now im an addict. Its the most fun ive ever had with my cloths on. Heading down to georgia on saterday. We have a bowfishing trip out of florda,saltwater.. an offshore fishing trip, and hoping to shoot a few pigs with my hoyt. Ive been an avid archer seince i killed my first deer with a bow at age 11.. first one ever was at age8 with my old ithica.. 20 years and were still shooting deer togeather. From elk to black bear, whitetails,muleys,blqcktails.. and a lot more, ive launched an arrow. Im also a former cabelas archery tech.. and gander mtn archery tech. Ive a little boy named carson.. he is 8 months old. A beautiful girlfriend.. shes coming to georga with me for 2 days" im going to take her to disney world and prepose infront of the castle. Im praying she says yes".. well thats a bit about me.
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