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did some horse trading

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And ended up with a new Glock,

Traded an 80 something model ranger bass boat that needed extensive work for some cash and a G21. Really would rather of had a Glock 40 but I'm beginning to like this Glock 45.

Then traded a bass rod and reel for a flashlight/strobe light that attaches to the light rail.

Came with both clips full of hollow points and a box of FMj.

Was bought a week ago, and has been shot 3x.

I'm pleased with the outcome. What hoksters do y'all recommend?

Thinking of getting a paddle holster while fishing, that should keep her locked in while I'm fishing. Wore a paddle holster before while fishing and it was comfortable.

But what about cc, learn me peeps!
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How to CC or should you get a permit?
We carry the 21SF on duty. Its a sweet pistol. 13+1 in .45 ACP is hard to beat. That said, the 21 is a beast of a pistol, but doable with the right setup. I used to carry it, but now I carry a G23 .40 with a full-size 22 magazine. For concealement I use a hybrid leather/kydex inside the waist band rig. There are many models galco, comptac, crossbreed, white hat, parker, ridgid, h and r custom, as well as countless others. they are all the same design.

For a paddle holster, hands down buy a OWB paddle rig from Jim at panther concealment in Jacksonville, Florida. The best fit and finish by far over anything I have tried. He has designed a one of a kind paddle that hugs close to the body like a pancake, making it good for cc.

I carry both holsters, OWB if I have a button up shirt, IWB with a tee.
Here are a couple pics for reference


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which holster for conceal carry was what I was asking lol

I like the way that looks, how does it feel carrying it around iwb, I don't wear baggy pants so I'm not sure how is like an iwb holster. Usually just oc since its legal and comfortable.

Gun has been shot 3x and was bought a week ago, so its new
which holster for conceal carry was what I was asking lol
that's what I figured. I have no idea though. :)
It isn't bad. You need an extra inch in the waistline. I wear 32" pants with a 31" waist. The two clip design of the hybrid distributes the weight much better than a single clip iwb making the gun seem lighter and therefore easier to carry. I put it on an forget I'm wearing it.

Eta: I'm 6' 155 lbs
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