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Don't know what to title this...

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What kind of water do you/do you like to shoot in?
Ditches, rivers, ponds, lakes, marsh???

I like to shoot in small rivers/ditches. As long as I can get my boat up it. I also like big water shorelines.
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Lakes. mostly clear water. Only problem is the people who live on those lakes can be real jerks. But when the boat breaks down the swim isnt so bad.had to swim a boat a mile across a lake last year
Try one of these. They work pretty good.
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NuffDaddy said:
Try one of these. They work pretty good. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365696303.314253.jpg
Haha tried these. broke one so when we started to make a big circle i said screw it. Im going swimming. My buddy ,who was a highschool swimmer, knew he could make it and I put on a life jacket. Pulling the boat in 80 degree water wasnt so bad. and alot faster than rowing
I guess. 80* water and a clean lake wouldn't be that bad. Wouldn't jump in the rivers I shoot if you paid me too.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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