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Early morn shooting

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Has anybody ever tried to go out like at 3 or 4 n the am and shoot till daylight ?We usually shoot right @ dark till round 1 or 2 the following morn ... Did yal do any better or did it seem to be bout the same ?
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We usually get on the water about a hour before sunset and shoot till 6am and have noticed we do most of the shooting on feeding fish based on the times the lunar clocks and such. We still see/shoot fish not at peak times but theyre usually held up in weeds and not active. Usually during peak times we catch the big gar out cruising off creek mouths and points.
Another good trick I figured out is if your shooting in a area with lots of hydrillia high in the water carry a handful of golfball sized rocks and chunk one in the grass next to the bank and shoot em when they swim out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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