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ethanol gas

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any tips on additives in fuel for boat motor and generator. no place around here for non ethanol stuff.
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, no ethanol used here but I alway add Sea Foam to all my equipment. Little tip I picked up you guys running cheaper gennys, ethanol gas is hard on the rubber componites in the carbs. I run a ETQ 2500W Inverter that I bought 409.00s 2200W continuous, some say their junk, I never had a starting problem, its runs great everytime I'ved used it (1 full fishing season already) , I fish twice a week Wednesdays, Saturdays. Wednsedays with a group of 7 other boats Saturdays by myself, like the solitude to myself. And with the group on Weds nights we have 1 boat out of 8 will have genny problems, most or everytime it will be fuel problems, caused by ethanol gas. I alway carry 2 gals unlead gas with me. Lot of small engine shops will tell you NOT to run ethanol gas in small engines because it cause problems carb-ed motors with the rubber componites. I never did because I dont trust the fuel.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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