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Foot Controlled Steer Stick

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I got real tired of looking like Capt. Morgan all night. Plus my leg would be on fire and sore the next day.

So i made my own steering stick.

How To:

Took a piece of 1 1/4" exhaust pipe and had it bent up to give me a good handle and also be strong enough.

It works y pushing the handle forward and pulling it back as if your foot was doing it.

My handle after bending it is just about perfect height. I control the troller by a toggle switch at the handle. On my motorguide troller the steady on/jackrabbit setting is a 12v 2 way toggle that goes to a relay. The relay allows me to use a toggle switch. Some trollers do not have this setting and a higher amp switch wouldbe needed to make this work.

I just made my wires from the toggle hot side replaced the wire going to relay. Other wire went to ground. This opens//closes that leg of the relay to make the troller come on.

You still control the speed by the dial.

Then i painted it bright orange.





Abd first fish with the steer stick.


2 400w hps on the nose pointed like /\ almost warmed up.


And this is by far the best thing to do with a troller. Now my leg doesnt hurt. Anyone on my boat can drive it. And it frees up so much room on the deck with it screwed down out of the way.

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