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for the guys with smaller boats

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you guys with smaller boats with the benches still in them, room is a factor for us. My boat is a 14-48 Alumicraft, not to cludder what little space we have is important & safe. Heres something I done with my fish barrel that saves on space & can move around without any problems.

I attached a 3/4" seat post base to the bottom of my fish barrel, sealed the holes were the bolts came through with sealent, and now I can place the barrel into a 3/4" seat pedestal




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thats a really good Idea, Thanks for sharing. I will have to tell my friend about this. We are always tripping over the "death barrel" and its never stable to hold on too.
just wondering if when you fill that thing, if it offsets your boat? my friends 14 footer get real tippy if your not in the middle.
nope, the pods on the back help stabilize the boat, I shoot from the left / port side of the boat anyhow.
Did you put the pods on yourself? was wondering if you could put pods on a fiberglass boat? Boat looks awesome by the way! B)
I got a metal transom and was thinking maybe wield a sheet wide enough to mount pods on. Also maybe having someone make my pods for me. Are they just hollow inside or do they have foam?
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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