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gaff holder

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i take a piece of PVC pipe that my handle of gaff will fit in and cut it to length then go to table saw and set the fence so the blade of saw is in middle of PVC set depth of blade to just cut though one side of PVC saw the length of PVC BE VERY CAREFUL ON THIS PART WHEN GETTING TO END OF CUT INSTEAD OF PUSHING PVC WALK AROUND AND PULL THE PVC THE REST OF WAY THOUGH SAW then depending on thickness of your gaff you will have to run PVC though saw again to make cut wide enough for your gaff then you can apply some heat from propane torch to top and flare out the end to make easier for returning gaff in holder after using. then screw to deck or wherever so it is easy to get to and not in the way so when you do shoot the big one you are not looking for your gaff hope this helps Automotive tire Wood Road surface Asphalt Bumper


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