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gar= delicious, lets hear ur recipe?

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Just tried cooking last weeks bowfishing trip of gar tonight, tasted awesome. not fun to fillet tho.

i cajun fried mine and it was to die for! how do yall like to cook em?
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Never tried them but heard they were good. Gonna have to give it a shot this spring.
I have seen guys use tin snips/ metal shears to cut there the scales.
I'll eat it but its gotta be HOT... All the gar I've had if it gets cold it's like it gets slimy again.. Yuk
dont eat the eggs(i dont know why you would). they will make you sick
Gar back straps Soaked in milk for a day. Slice down the middle not all the way through, pour some liquid smoke in the split or Dale's, shake some season salt, garlic powder and some cajun seasons down in the split , season the out side and then wrap it with bacon and bake on 250 for about and hour. ENJOY

Grill works better but my grill has grilled out, onn the grill set it at lowest setting and cook 2-3 hours the slower you cook it the better.

Gar eggs will make you sick. But hey they are good for catching panfish, Blue Gill, Sunfish, Shellcrackers.

this ol black man i give my carp and gar 2 //// the gar ...he cuts a slice behind the head with snips then takes a air compressor and shoots air n the slot and he says it glows the meat away from the skin then he cuts down the back with snips and ...he says...the meat will slide out like a banna.....cant say from experance but next time i c him ill send info on how he cooks it
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