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General knowledge for hunting Carp

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I've been scouting my area during the day for what i assume would be good carp grounds but at this point i'm not even sure i'm looking for the right things. I assumed i should look for a calm surface with little wind so you can spot fins/ripples, an elevated shoreline for a better shot, and a bearing that doesn't leave you staring into the sun's glare.

I have a few more unrelated questions that i I'd like ya'lls input on. Should i try to hunt carp during the day or focus on nights? Do carp like warmer or cooler water? Deeper or shallower? Should I spend more time looking in lakes or in creeks/rivers? And lastly, anybody have a secret spot in West Texas they wanna send me gps coordinates for? :p

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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I'm from MI, so a lot of this might not apply to you, but I'm gonna give you what USUALLY works around here.

Water temps will be in the 50s or cooler. Fish will be staring up larger rivers and staging in large schools on the edge of bigger lakes near weed beds and mudflats.

Usually starts when water temps get into the 60s. Fish will be up small shallow ditches, along the shorelines of larger rivers, and in shallow shorelines of big lakes. It's not uncommon to find fish in 3"- 4" of water. They will be rolling and splashing and will be easy to spot. If you get a cold stretch, or the fish just don't seem active on a given day, they will be in 1 of 2 spots...usually NOT both. They will either be as far in shallow as they can get and they will just sit and not move. I've killed many carp walking in 3" of water through cattails over my head. Walk slow and keep your eyes open. They will sit still until you step in them. If you see 1 there will usually be a couple more within a couple feet. If they aren't there, then revert back to where you were finding them during the pre-spawn on the outside of weed beds.

Post spawn
Fish may take a little more time to find. Could still be in the shallow weed beds rooting for food, or they might be back out cruising the edge of the shallows. Just gotta hunt for em, and once you see one there will most likely be more in the same area.
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There really is no set rules for where to find fish. They may be in thick enough to walk on one day, and not a fish in sight the next. Just takes time to learn their patterns.
no that'll definitely help next year when the season starts back up, good to know what to look for. thanks man
No problem. If you have more questions feel free to post up. Lotta good guys on here that have been doing it a lot longer than I have. Hopefully you'll get some input from someone in your area.
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