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General knowledge for hunting Carp

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I've been scouting my area during the day for what i assume would be good carp grounds but at this point i'm not even sure i'm looking for the right things. I assumed i should look for a calm surface with little wind so you can spot fins/ripples, an elevated shoreline for a better shot, and a bearing that doesn't leave you staring into the sun's glare.

I have a few more unrelated questions that i I'd like ya'lls input on. Should i try to hunt carp during the day or focus on nights? Do carp like warmer or cooler water? Deeper or shallower? Should I spend more time looking in lakes or in creeks/rivers? And lastly, anybody have a secret spot in West Texas they wanna send me gps coordinates for? :p

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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when I arrive at a lake or rivers if I don't see any visual signs the next place to start looking is the areas that you know to hold natural food. Areas like weed beds, snags and overhanging trees, run off's water will generally hold carp. High pressured lakes & rivers will make any rough fish spooky & hard to find and will dart at the 1st sign of danger, then you'll only see cloudy water or swirling tale wakes. Thats were it becomes a real schooling. Less pressured rough fish locating them is by looking out for the visual signs and when carp feed they cannot help but show themselves. Another way I find them is by surface disturbance which I call "Head & Shoulder". I shot my biggest israeli carp this way, 42 lb. You hear different way or method of fish'n, theirs no wrong way of looking for locating rough fish. Time & mistakes & experience is the only way you'll know & learn.
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