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General knowledge for hunting Carp

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I've been scouting my area during the day for what i assume would be good carp grounds but at this point i'm not even sure i'm looking for the right things. I assumed i should look for a calm surface with little wind so you can spot fins/ripples, an elevated shoreline for a better shot, and a bearing that doesn't leave you staring into the sun's glare.

I have a few more unrelated questions that i I'd like ya'lls input on. Should i try to hunt carp during the day or focus on nights? Do carp like warmer or cooler water? Deeper or shallower? Should I spend more time looking in lakes or in creeks/rivers? And lastly, anybody have a secret spot in West Texas they wanna send me gps coordinates for? :p

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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no that'll definitely help next year when the season starts back up, good to know what to look for. thanks man
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