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generator help

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was going out tonight to try everything out for the season changed oil and spark plug on generator (powermate 8750 with yamaha motor) started fine but is not putting out any electric. any clues?
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i dont think it has brushes. here is what im looking at. no power at the main wires at rear of generator.


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it is only 4 years old . there is a short somewhere... im getting continuity everywhere i try. in the recepticles and wires coming out of back so dont know if simple fix or major knowing me probably gonna be expensive got a generator guy looking at it tomorrow after i get off work.. the yamaha motor purrs like a kitten but the generator side no electric
i got the kubota 3200 watt as backup. gonna have to downsize lights alot.. kinda got use to 5000 watts of light
i am running halos. i unplugged the big wire going to receptacles still no power had a guy look at it today he thinks the capacitor is bad it was bulged at top now i gotta find a place to check it he said he could check it if it was out and of course it is in all one unit with 5 gallons of epoxy covering everything. went to the generator guru site today he is pretty sharp on trouble shooting has some videos
well dropped off generator at shop today should here something tomorrow will let you know. if you don't hear from me again had to cancel internet and cable tv to pay for repair.
got word back on generator it was the voltage regulator the half moon looking thing in picture. he said we could do some swapping. night out bowfishing i jumped all over that deal. whew still got internet and cable. LOL
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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