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Who's going?
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Great Lakes Bowfishing Championship if you didn't know what I was talking about.
Wish I could go. but its across the state for me. Maybe in the future. Are you shooting GLBC? if so good luck and keep us posted on how you did
Planning on it. Sending in my form this week.
I'll be heading out there Friday morning to get camp set up and hopefully find a few fish. Planned on doing some scouting this weekend, but the weather didn't cooperate.
Final count for us for day 1............................12lbs. :lol::lol:
15-20 mph winds and cloudy with a little rain. We only saw about a half dozen in 9 hours. Several teams never brought in a fish and the highest weight when we weighed in was 190lbs. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Weather was a lot better today...Sunny, warm, and no wind. We started out the morning at 8am on some spawning fish in a weeded out marina. It was tough shooting, we got 2 in a little over an hour. We decided to make a run up to fish point on the Saginaw bay. Got up into 1-2 foot of water and only saw 2 fish by 10:30. Decided to head back to the marina to chase them some more, but on the way out deep I was running the troller and got to 3-4 foot and BINGO!!!!! Ran into a school of about 20 carp. We followed some weed beds along the shore in 3 FOW and were consistently on fish. By noon the fish had worked up into the shallows and we were pulling them in pretty quick. Weigh in was at 2 so we quit at one. With all but 2 of our fish shot in 2 hours we weighed out at 256lbs for the day with a total of 268lbs for the tournament.
We finished somewhere around 60-70th place, but will know for sure in a few weeks.

-Average weight of the 250 teams was 245lbs
-winning team got into the fish and brought a total of around 4500lbs
-14 teams broke 1000lbs
-4 teams broke 2000lbs
-total weight for the tournament was 56,000lbs
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Haha thats not too bad. At least you got some fish in the boat. How is the water out there? its a day shooting turny too right? I think we only got one gar in the boat last time we went day shooting. Whole different game
Water is clear but low. The tournament was from 8am-5pm on saturday and 7am-2pm Sunday. I do very little if any daytime shooting so it was a little more challenging. It was a good time though, looking forward to next year.
Does anybody know the guys that won?
4500lbs I would like to know how on earth these guys did so well?
I'm not gonna call them cheaters but.....
3900lbs of those fish were weighed on saturday.
From what I've heard they were walking ditches down by Quanicasee and had to make 2 trips to the scale saturday in bay port with their fish. That leaves less than 6 hours to shoot those fish. You do the math from there. Not to mention on Sunday they only got 600 lbs and second place was somewhere around 2500lbs for the weekend? Sounds a little fishy to me.
Didn't need it this year, I think the average was under 250lbs for the 2 day total. The BAM tournament next weekend could be crazy though.
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