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Who's going?
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Wish I could go. but its across the state for me. Maybe in the future. Are you shooting GLBC? if so good luck and keep us posted on how you did
Haha thats not too bad. At least you got some fish in the boat. How is the water out there? its a day shooting turny too right? I think we only got one gar in the boat last time we went day shooting. Whole different game
you should get a barge and I will help you set it up for bowfishing. think about that we could have like 20 to 30 shooters on it. nothing would be safe. They way I see it the best way would be to have about 40 500watt halos run by tons of gennys. we would need about 4 101lb trollers all run at the same time and about 30 batts. but in all seriousness i think you should shoot off a big boat just to see if you like it first.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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