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Good luck for 2014 from Down under

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G'day my US counter parts. I just want to wish you all happy & safe bowfishing for the season. I was watching the reports of the brutal & longer lasting winter you endured & I have no doubt it must have been spending many of you crazy wanting to get out for a shoot. I am lucky where I am that the bowfishing is a year round thing for me.....Good luck everyone.

PS. Here is one photo I'd like to share. I've showed you all my photos of common carp I shoot but yesterday I hit something a little different. This was a first for me...a mirror carp, didn't even know what it was until I showed a mate. Are these some kind of mutation?


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Thanks!! Can't wait to get out. Still ice fishing here though, so it's going to be awhile yet. Nice mirror carp too. As Matt said, it's a mutation of a common carp.
No fear mate. Where I am we don't get snow or extreme temperatures. I've learnt slot about my local waterways over the last 12months. Last year I only shot at night so when the cold nights set in you couldn't find any fish but day time fishing seems to be ongoing which is great for me. Winter means higher rain fall so flash flooding is the only thing that see's me putting bow away
I wouldn't trade the seasons here for anything, but I've had enough of this winter. Would be kinda nice to be able to shoot fish year round, but I like to do a lot in the winter too.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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