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Good luck for 2014 from Down under

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G'day my US counter parts. I just want to wish you all happy & safe bowfishing for the season. I was watching the reports of the brutal & longer lasting winter you endured & I have no doubt it must have been spending many of you crazy wanting to get out for a shoot. I am lucky where I am that the bowfishing is a year round thing for me.....Good luck everyone.

PS. Here is one photo I'd like to share. I've showed you all my photos of common carp I shoot but yesterday I hit something a little different. This was a first for me...a mirror carp, didn't even know what it was until I showed a mate. Are these some kind of mutation?


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Awesome fish. It's a mutation in the scales. Just like a leather carp( no scales). Hopefully will be shooting soon. But I think the carp are still deep for now
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