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Great Lakes Dredging

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From a newspaper in Sebawaing.

"Also during the meeting Monday, Heider announced that Sebewaing has been moved up to the first tier for state funding to have the Sebewaing River dredged. Last month, Heider said the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) informed him Sebewaing was on the second round list for funding.

“This is a big step for us,” Heider said.

When asked how Sebewaing was able to get moved up to the first funding tier, Heider said, “I just talked to the right people.”

However, it’s uncertain at this time how much money Sebewaing would receive. The funding would come from the emergency dredging plan developed by the Michigan State Waterways Commission. The plan comes as water levels have dropped in the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are at record lows. Gov. Rick Snyder called for $21 million for emergency dredging in his budget plan.

Port Austin, Harbor Beach and Caseville harbors are scheduled to receive funding from the emergency dredging plan. Port Austin and Harbor Beach are slated to receive $700,000 each, while Caseville is scheduled to receive $630,000, as previously reported in the Huron Daily Tribune.

The dredging program would involve the removal of accumulated sediments at the bottom of waterways to maintain adequate depth for shipping and boating."

If anybody hears anything new on it post it up here.
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Sorry, that was from the Huron Tribune.
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Down 2.5 feet from average and 6 feet from record high.


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Any sign of them dredging yet?
Last I heard is they aren't getting all the money they were hoping for. But they are still dredging out the popular ones. They had a backhoe at the launch at the mouth of the Saginaw river. Guess they got that cleaned out around the ramp, but still need a barge to get the channel dredged.
Do they post this stuff anywhere on line?
I've been getting most of this off Michigan sportsman. There are a couple guys on there thar are connected with the DNR and keep everyone informed.
I post there under the bowfishing section as well. Where do they post that info / what section?
Fishing > warm water fishing > Saginaw bay and tributaries
I never knew there was a bowfishing forum over there until you said something about it. Good to know.
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