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Help wanted, torch mounts

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G'day, my new AMS pro retriever arrived to day, just waiting on the new bow & arrow rest next. I do all my fishing at night & on the waters edge. Just trying to sort out what's what & what is going where. I have a torch mount which is actually two different mounts modified to make one, it works well but I can see possible problems happening trying to get all this gear in more or less the same location on the bow, of course without the new rig here it makes things hard because my current bows riser is a lot different to the new one & mounting points could be in other spots so its guess work but what I do know is I need to spread this gear out to try & keep the bow balanced so my question is does anyone know of a torch mount that can be mounted where a stabiliser would normally go? Or a mount that connects to a stabiliser? ideally I want the stabiliser on because im trying to keep the weight down. The torches diameter is 33mm. Any thoughts on this?
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This is the current setup, the torch goes into the scope ring. This works really well because the torch is perfectly lined up with the sight regardless of whether I'm looking 5feet in front of me or 100feet but because the AMS reel mounts to the sight mount I'm getting pressed for room


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What is a torch? Seems like you might be trying to hook up too much to that bow.
Allright, I looked it up. If it were me, the first think I would do is ditch the site. I shoot a lot better and quicker instinct shooting for Bowfishing. They make torch mounts that are designed to hook to the barrel of a gun or airsoft gun. Might work by hooking it to your stabilizer. I found a few on eBay by searching torch mount that might be what your looking for. Then you should be good. Flashlight on your stabilizer, AMS retriever to the sight mounts, and your rest to the rest mount.
What kind of flashlight are you using? I am a bit of a flashlight nerd. I am a big Fenix flashlight fan myself. They are expensive....but super bright and rugged!
Torch = Flashlight (I'll remember that one) the flashlight I'm using is an Olight baton S80. Nuff I have another mount that is a light to scope configuration but it doesn't quite work. Knight I'll check out the light your using, This little Olight of mine does the job well. I've popped foxes out @ around 250yds mounted to my 22-250 & penetrates the murky water when its on the bow. I don't see the point in changing the light
Olight makes good stuff too. I have a Olight T20, and it is a very solid little piece.
PS, my next flashlight will be a Fenix TK75. It puts out 2600 lumens, but is fairly small. The body of it is 2", the head is 3.4", and the length is only 7.2". That is a lot of power in a small package!!
There is a Flash Light manufacture called " My Torche" they are upper end and are PC programmable for about anything.
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