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I am SERIOUSLY wanting to travel

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I am SERIOUSLY wanting to travel and shoot some fish. BIGHEAD, Silver Carp, Grass carp, Buffalo Carp, big gar, Cat fish, Sting Ray and more. PLEASE send info
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I run charters for many different species in both fresh and salt water. I have a couple hundred species in my area and I am sure I can help you out. 251-504-4709
Come try tx. Florida is pretty awesome too. Louisiana too, but can be a bit rough going
Try MarshMasters Guide Service.. Leeville, LA.. Fantastic people! I love bowfishing and now slingbow fishing there.. Florida is my dream trip! In my area of Texas there just isn't enough water left in the lakes..
Dusktodawn bowfishing does ray trips along ocean city md area, don't know where ur at. Ck out his website
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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