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I think I hear crickets

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Did everybody just quit? Wait, you're all to busy to be on the internet......yeah that's it :D Just to beef it up here's a pic from last night with Matt, Ben and Shane

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Looks like fun!!!
Today was opening day of goose here, and marks the beginning of the best 4 months of the year.
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Haha. 12 far the fastest I've used. :)
I expected you to say retriever...

lab, golden or springer, something like that LOL
No retrievers for me. I'm an upland hunter, so its pointing dogs for me.
Anyone shoot any doves?
I wish. Don't have a dove season here.
Wow didnt know that! Dont know what your missing bud but yall probally have a good amount of waterfowl up there. 5 of us had out limit in about 2 hours of shooting
I know. We had a season for like a month, then PETA got it on the ballet and it got voted out.
We do have a lot of waterfowl, but there is a lot of hunting pressure too. Takes a lot if time and work to get a good shoot in.
I was drooling over the ducks that were working us while we were goose hunting. Had easily 100 come into range in the 3 hours we were out hunting. Can't wait for Oct. 12!!!!
Oct 12 y'all lucky. End of November here. I know I've been busy with work and it seems all my fishing buddy's have been the same way
We are done by early dec though. Then goose starts back up in january.
So I went out on the weekend. Cold. Like really cold, it was in the 20s and we didn't see much. Probably about done for the year. When the bows start freezing I'm staying home
We are days from ice fishing here. Can't believe you been sticking it out this long. Still get decent numbers this late in the year?
thats awesome! im jealous, bet its not 20 degrees down there. I hate it when the safety slides freeze to the arrow, plus cold hands and not enough fish. makes for a long night. what were you testing on the boat?
Cold and trash fish turn me off. Once it's below 45* I stay home. I'll sit out in 0* weather for some ducks all day though. :)
Haha I'm not quite sure I would sit in 0 degrees for ducks yet. Maybe 34 not 0. By the time they fly in my hands are so cold I can't take my gloves off to shoot. Lol
I'll do a lot for a duck. Sat out in the snow earlier this week. Paid off my limit of mallards pretty quick. My hands are pretty well immune to the cold now. I don't ever wear gloves except when setting or picking decoys.
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When it's zero I'm after the dawgs. The new 17 hopefully will do some damage to the population but not the pelts.
I really want to start getting into this some. Need to put a dent in them up at our deer property. They are cleaning out our rabbits and fawns.
Sounds like we need to get together for a weekend.
Sounds like it. I'm pretty busy till after new years. But after that I'm usually pretty open. Most weekends I go up north to hunt and snowmobile.
Now that duck season is over I'm starting tiger the carp itch again. 5 more months till we thaw back out though.
I think I'm going to chase some late season sky carp to get me through. :)
shoot em through the ice? im thinking about it...
I'll leave that to you. Lol. I got some plans to keep me busy this winter. My game plan is...
-perch through the ice
-rabbit/squirrel hunting
-learning to crow hunt
-learning to coyote hunt
-late season goose
-buy a pontoon and get it set up for spring carp killing
Got a couple bows for free from a guy at work. Gonna turn em into carp killin machines.
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Those are the best kind! Especially for guests!!!
Yup...That's all I use too. Old Bear Whitetail hunter. Kills fish just fine. Now I just gotta buy a couple reels and rests and they will be good to go.
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