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I think I hear crickets

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Did everybody just quit? Wait, you're all to busy to be on the internet......yeah that's it :D Just to beef it up here's a pic from last night with Matt, Ben and Shane

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Man there was a lot of fish out there! It was awesome, maybe if the water gets a little higher I can get my boat out there
nice where did you go? we still got plenty of time to shoot and i would like to try your method sometime
Looks like a nice pile you got there
Can't wait to try my hand at bustin some ducks this year! Looks like it will finally work out for me. Gotta get back on the old shotgun to make sure I can still shoot
So I went out on the weekend. Cold. Like really cold, it was in the 20s and we didn't see much. Probably about done for the year. When the bows start freezing I'm staying home
Got nothing. But was shooting lakes I never shot before. Lots of pike in the shallow but not much shoot able. Still might get out on the river a time or two. We got ice on the west side. I think I'm going to check it out this week
thats awesome! im jealous, bet its not 20 degrees down there. I hate it when the safety slides freeze to the arrow, plus cold hands and not enough fish. makes for a long night. what were you testing on the boat?
Haha I'm not quite sure I would sit in 0 degrees for ducks yet. Maybe 34 not 0. By the time they fly in my hands are so cold I can't take my gloves off to shoot. Lol
shoot em through the ice? im thinking about it...
dang those look like mighty fine bows you got there!
1 - 10 of 56 Posts
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