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I think I hear crickets

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Did everybody just quit? Wait, you're all to busy to be on the internet......yeah that's it :D Just to beef it up here's a pic from last night with Matt, Ben and Shane

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Goose Schmoose....I went out alone last night and shot 12. Missed at least twice that many.

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Douglas, Schultz park is where I put in and fish to both sides
I expected you to say retriever...

lab, golden or springer, something like that LOL
Yep, we can't hunt dove because they're Ohio residents get to shoot our doves :rolleyes: LIke Geese aren't migratory.

Can't wait for a little colder weather to get after the coyotes. I'll be after tree rats in a few weeks.
When it's zero I'm after the dawgs. The new 17 hopefully will do some damage to the population but not the pelts.
I really want to start getting into this some. Need to put a dent in them up at our deer property. They are cleaning out our rabbits and fawns.
Sounds like we need to get together for a weekend.
That's crazy Matt. It's time to chase coyotes and fox.
Anybody need a left hand one? I have one I got from a friend and I'm not left handed.....though I may have to try going that way if my elbow isn't any better.
Most of that I don't have. It's been painted camo in it's life so there are tags on the bow that I can see but they are painted over. It has a wooden riser (Browning?), my draw is 28 so this might pull 29 at it's current setting. Round wheels. It has has a rest, quiver, 1 pin sight (holds more), old school stabalizer (weighted bar).


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1 - 14 of 56 Posts
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